Renewal House

Nashville, TN

The Building that Built Hope

Renewal House is Middle Tennessee’s only provider of long-term specialized treatment for mothers and their children.  They also provide licensed intensive outpatient treatment for women of low income, affordable rental housing for women in recovery and their children, a satellite outpatient program partnership with Vanderbilt University Medical Center and a consultation partnership with Davidson County offices of the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services.  Many of the women who enter the program are survivors of physical and sexual abuse, human trafficking, homelessness and other trauma.

Since the foundation of Renewal House 25 years ago, there has been a vision to build a new facility on their 14-acre property. In 2019, they had finally reached their fundraising goal.  In addition to their own fundraising, the Barnes Fund for Affordable Housing and the Tennessee Housing Development Agency were among major funders for the project.

In order to bring their vision to life, they wanted a company that would deliver the best value for their hard-earned funds.  After all, executing the vision for restoring dignity and sobriety would depend thoroughly on the space created.

Patrick Horigan, AOR – “When I joined the project team, Carden Company was already fully engaged with the ownership group, and they were tasked with constructing a building that would meet the owner’s requirements while at the same time having to navigate a significantly reduced budget and unknown construction industry. ”


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