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Carden Company is an award-winning Nashville Tennessee commercial construction company providing general contracting, design/build and construction management services. Since it was founded in 1977, Carden Company is known for honoring its commitments and exceeding expectations by valuing its relationships with its clients, vendors, and subcontractors.

Impact of Pre-Construction Planning

Rockie Williams Auto Dealership

Mt. Juliet, Tennessee

Organization, experience, and communication were keys to the success of the project. Thorough pre-construction planning with the owners, designers, and engineers was essential to organize the complex site.

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Dependable on a Tight Schedule


Mount Juliet, Tennessee

With a tight construction timeline to close an existing manufacturing facility and shift work to a new site without any downtime, the owner relied on Carden Company’s construction management expertise while staying within budget.

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Pertinent Ramblings

What Are Construction Contracts

Not even someone who loves reading contracts could love a construction contract. With legalese and complex structure, these are almost certainly the least enjoyable reading. With a well deserved reputation, a construction contract is a significant aspect of any construction project.

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Benefits of Lean Construction

Carden Company’s focus on client-centered service is a natural progression to a fundamental Lean Construction principal: Identify value from the client’s point of view, this is based on not only understanding client expectations but recognizing why does a client have these expectations.

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Additional Awards