Mount Juliet, Tennessee

De-Sta-Co Industries, A Division of Dover Energy

DESTACO produces manufacturing fixtures and clamps for use in the automotive industry. With an ultimate goal of consolidating their production and reducing their number of factories, they acquired a very large warehouse space in Mount Juliet that was a good fit for a remodel and expansion into a production facility and office space and they needed a quick turnaround.

Carden Company constructed an additional 5,900 sq ft of new interior office space and remodeled an existing 10,000 sq ft of office space in the 160,000 sq foot facility on 11.3 acres. There was an existing 2,000 amp electrical service for the building but DESTACO planned to install a lot of equipment that needs more power. An additional 5,000 amps of capacity was installed to power that equipment.  Carden Company installed 1,300 feet of buss duct for efficient distribution of the new power along with 1,800 feet of coolant lines, 1,600 feet of water lines and 2,200 feet of airlines for equipment. New foundations were installed for a 25-ton overhead crane and numerous press and machine foundations.

Efficient Construction Scheduling

Manufacturing Building Construction Nashville TNSince DESTACO was closing down 3 other facilities and needed to shift the work to this new site without any production downtime. Carden Company received access to the site in early June 2015 with construction work to be completed by the end of September 2015 before the DESTACO’s mid-October production start date.

Preventing gaps in the work schedule meant right-on-time scheduling of subs. To make things just a little more complicated, there were actually 2 projects going on simultaneously, since the office and manufacturing areas were being worked by different crews.

Award Winning Construction Project

Carden Company was honored with the 2016 Excellence in Construction Eagle Award for industrial construction from the Tennessee chapter of the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) organization. This award recognizes the quality of Carden Company’s work managing the extensive remodel with new construction for the DESTACO manufacturing facility in Mount Juliet, Tennessee.

This award is the construction industry’s premier annual awards program honoring the most innovative and high-quality construction projects and safety programs. The program determines the winners from all ABC chapters and awards its highest recognition on the most outstanding projects of the year.

Why Work With Carden Company?

“We had to make sure we had the right people on the job, the right number of people when we needed them,”

Architect Giselle Newman of Supportive DesiGN

John Gray, the owner’s representative for the project, appreciated how Carden handled the time constraints.

“They would attack things early. And they’d communicate with us at the weekly meetings. They did a really good job of buffering us from the time pressures they were feeling – even though they told us about them,” he said. “We responded to what their requests were, I believe in a fairly timely manner. We were shutting down a facility and there was a date we had to hit. We were able to start production October 12, as planned.”

He summed up this experience working with Carden,

“I relied on their expertise and I was able to communicate clearly with them – I feel like we had a very positive business relationship. It was very direct and we understood each other. There were some change orders that came up but I appreciated the way they were handled. I felt good about it. And I still feel good about it.”

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