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Genie Place Retail – Nashville, Tennessee

Quality project – right on schedule

“I’m not just saying this – because I’ve built a few buildings – I was very pleased with how it went overall. I’ve had [projects] with special challenges, but this one went very well. I would definitely use Carden Co. again. No question.”

– Jon Lee,Owner

Hail & Cotton – Nashville, Tennessee

Maintaining a good relationship

“They’ve got good people; they’re a good company to work with – they’ve got good superintendents, knowledgeable people, people who know how to do things and want to do things right. I think they are pretty much there.”

– Bill Anderson, Owner

Parman – Olive Branch, Tennessee

Maintaining good communication

“I’ve been here a long time and I’ve worked with those guys on several projects – they do a fine job. Their responsiveness to our needs was probably the best thing they did. We changed a lot of things as we were going along the way.”

– Robert Giffin, Chief Operating Officer

St. Paul Community Church – Nashville, Tennessee

“It was extremely difficult for Carden Company to construct the project while school was in session, because of having to work around school traffic in the morning and afternoon, as well as keeping the job site secure so the children would be safe. Carden’s attention to detail and people skills caused the project to go smoothly.”

– Danny Wamble, St. Paul’s Construction Representative

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Nissan of Gallatin – Gallatin, Tennessee

Getting a business back in business quickly:

I was well pleased with the gentleman they had as foreman. Yes, I would rate him a 10.  He was dedicated; I was well pleased with him.

– Roger Bell, Owner

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Dr. Cooper Dental Office Building – Brentwood, Tennessee

An ideal site – with a few headaches:

“When the city would throw us a curveball, [Carden’s project manager] would always have a plan B and a plan C. The only add-ons (to the budget) were for unexpected issues that couldn’t be budgeted for. There again, there was always a plan to make it work out with the least amount of pain.”

– Dr. Joel Cooper,Owner

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Lebanon Fire Station – Lebanon, Tennessee

Rebuilding a working fire station:

“The biggest problem was we had all our communications system that we had to keep up and running. And when we made the swap for our office from one side to the other, the changeover for our communications had to be done seamlessly: shut it down on one side and open it up on the other in a matter of minutes. And it worked great!”

– Wayne Driver,Lebanon Tennesse Fire Chief

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Spring Hill Library – Spring Hill, Tennessee

Working out the bugs in remodeling an old building:

“We’d have a weekly progress meeting and they’re proactive – they keep the paperwork flowing and they keep the job going. I just think they did an excellent job.””

– Jerome Dempsey, Spring Hill City Engineer

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Rutherford County Teaching Center – Smyrna, Tennessee

Managing site challenges:

“That’s what I always hope for: having a contractor who gets in there and looks at the big picture and helps alert us to potential issues before they construct them.”

– Dan Huitt, Architect

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My Second Home Pet Resort – Nashville, Tennessee

The special challenges of a building for animals instead of people:

“I know we created some extra stress for Carden, but overall, they handled it quite well. They were very responsive. I was really very, very pleased with the overall project management, the site folks and their choice of subcontractors.”

– Dan Starko, Owner

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Jennings Tire – Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Creating space to work on very large equipment:

“I think their workmanship is good – they gave us a good product.”

– H.B. Willis, Owner

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Stan McNabb Chevrolet Dealership – Tullahoma, Tennessee

Keeping the dealership open during a major reconstruction:

“They were great. Anything we asked [the job superintendent] to do, it was always, ‘I’ll take care of it.’ [The project manager] was always on top of everything, whether it was getting quote, setting something up, change orders, etc. I’d say if we ever have another project, we’d definitely want to talk to them about it. . . They accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.”

– Trent McNabb, Owner

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Guy Brown Office Building – Brentwood, Tennessee

Despite a tricky site, up-front planning leads to an on-time, on-budget project:

“We were always getting together at the front end, talking through questions with the subs before progressing, so we had it pretty well coordinated and resolved before we got started working on it.”

– Jim McNickle,Architect

“There were no surprises that Carden Company wanted us to pay more for. It was bid very well.”

– Jay Chawan,Owner

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DESTACO – Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Managing an efficient renovation with a very hard deadline:

“I relied on their expertise and I was able to communicate clearly with them – I feel like we had a very positive business relationship. It was very direct and we understood each other. There were some change orders that came up but I appreciated the way they were handled. I felt good about it. And I still feel good about it.”

– John Gray, Owner’s Representative

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Allied Modular – Goodlettesville, Tennessee

Rapid response in the face of difficult weather:

“They were always responsive, always on target. They kept the subs lined up. Any window of opportunity to do anything between rainstorms, they did it. Every time I called, I got a hold of someone instantly or they got back to me quickly… They all know how to do it – they’re all really good at what they do. I made a good call in choosing them.”

– Kevin Peithman, Owner

“I knew their reputation, I knew I wasn’t going to have to worry about cutting corners, or worry about the quality of the construction or the quality of the material they used… As it turned out, it worked great.”

– Tom Kippenberger,,Architect

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Ford of Franklin Dealership – Franklin, Tennessee

Tackling a rebuild that exposes the need for some major site reconstruction:

“It (outdated sewer system)ran under the building, and the city pretty early on said it can’t stay there. So we had to figure out how to keep it in operation and coordinate with the owner for the redevelopment and how to tie it all together. There were a lot of hoops to jump through that typically don’t hit most projects.”

– Bryan Richter,Owner

“I think Carden did a good job filling in the holes that were there and putting the pieces together. They kept the project moving forward and filled in the gaps”

– Nick Bernt,Owner’s Construction Representative

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Amercian Family Care – Spring Hill & Clarksville, Tennessee

Earning repeat business with strict time and budget management:

“It went really well, very smoothly. I’m very happy with everything they did.”

– William Talley, Owner

“[AFC] chose to use them again. There have been numerous contractors that they have chosen not to do that with.”

– Brian Roberson,Architect

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Germantown Development – Nashville, Tennessee

Advantages of experienced site management:

“The Carden site foreman was great. He ran the job well – was a great communicator. When there were problems, he would come to us and say, ‘We’ve got a problem. Here’s what I think might be a good solution.’ And so, essentially, it was no problem because he had already dealt with it.”

– Scott Chambers,Germantown Partners

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Armana Office Building – Franklin (Cool Springs), Tennessee

Managing the budget on an ambitious design: 

“We did a lot of things that you would typically find on a 30-40,000 square foot facility for a 12,000 square foot one. . . So there were some serious dynamics in terms of coordination to keep it all within budget. And I believe the architect and the contractor did a great job in coordinating those issues.”

– Greg Page, Owner’s Representative for Armana Office Building

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Downtown Nashville Nissan – Nashville, Tennessee

The time-saving advantages for utilizing Butler Manufacturing’s pre-engineered components:

Carden Company “was able to get the Butler people to come here – after they had their preliminary design done – and we were able to sit down, compare the structure with the design intent and hammer everything out in a one-day session.” 

– Wayne Oakley, Project Architect

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St. Paul Christian Academy – Nashville, Tennessee

Finding costs savings: 

“As far as controlling costs, Carden Company did a great job. [They] actually saved money in several areas and those savings were used on other things added into the project.”

Danny Wamble,Owner’s Representative

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Hail and Cotton – Springfield, Tennessee

Expanding the office space of an operating business:

“The client occupied the existing building while the new one was built beside it – we had to rearrange how they entered the building. Then they moved into the new building and the old one was completely gutted, down to the structure, then rebuilt so they could move back into that half as well. . . It went great! Let’s keep working together – that’s my only suggestion.”

Jeff Hall, Project Architect

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Aspen Brook Plaza – Franklin, Tennessee

Managing a complex job on a very tight site: 

Really, the Carden crew did a very, very good job on the whole project. They worked well with our team. We had several challenges to the project that were not common to have, especially on a complicated project like this. They were a good selection for this project and were able to execute it well.”

– Eric Powers,of the Innovations Group

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Fifth Third Banking Centers – Antioch, Franklin, Nashville, Tennessee


“When there were issues that arose, the superintendent alerted me to the situation, made me aware of the problem and presented the potential solutions and impacts – then we were able to work out the details and solve the problem.

Steve Bill, Fifth Third Construction Manager

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Tennessee Society of CPAs – Brentwood, Tennessee

Renovation and expansion of an operating office:

“When we originally built this building we had some fairly competitive bidding going on and it was an arduous process. But when the time came 12 years later to add on, we didn’t hesitate to ask them. We knew Carden Company had done such a great job in building it and was familiar with the structure. But they still exceeded our expectations. If you came in today, you’d have no idea it was an add-on there.”

Brad Floyd,Director of the Society

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Thoroughbred Motorcars – Nashville, Tennessee

Adventures in renovation:

You open something up and you find a different structure than you thought was there: a plumbing line doesn’t go where you thought it went, those kind of things. . . [The site supervisor] was very much a part of the decision-making, coming up with solutions as problems popped up – the right solution for this particular job. He was just very knowledgeable about how things needed to get done.”

 Colleen Atwood, Project architect

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Walgreens – Antioch, Franklin, Nashville, Tennessee

Customer Satisfaction:

“They do a great job. I’ve been trying to get them to come over and do some projects somewhere else, because they’ve been, by far, the best contractor that we’ve used – and we’ve done these things all over the country.”

Rich Magner, of Morgan Property Group, Construction Manager for Walgreens

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