What Out of State Commercial Building Owners Need to Know


With the increase of development and construction in Nashville and Davidson County as well as Williamson and other Mid-Tennessee counties, potential property and building owners face increasing difficulty knowing and dealing with new standards in zoning, codes, and construction. With over 45 years of experience Carden Company has assisted many out of state property owners with their commercial construction projects in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. For the third year in a row, PWC with its Emerging Trends in Real Estate report has listed Nashville as one of the top ten real estate markets.

As an accommodation to potential owners and developers in the Middle Tennessee area, Carden Company provides the following resources and links:

Nashville and Davidson County

Williamson County

These links are for Williamson County and therefore does not include Brentwood, Franklin, Spring Hill, or other Williamson County municipalities. Please contact Carden Company for building codes of Williamson County municipalities.

How Carden Company Can Assist Out of State Property Owners

Navigating through the complexities of permitting and construction can often seem intimidating in a region of the country, a business owner or their representative may not have familiarity.  If that is not daunting enough, consider managing multiple unfamiliar subcontractors, labor and material shortages, tight project timelines, and budgets that seem unsteady.  Carden Company has the experience to provide services at each stage of development, from pre-planning to final finishes.

Client Collaboration

Understanding a client’s project needs and expectations begin with a construction professional willing to listen and collaborate to gain a thorough understanding of the project scope, and the needs, requirements, and expectations of the owner.  By utilizing this collaboration as the basis for developing reliable pre-construction and construction timelines, the owner’s needs are met and results in a project completed on time and within budget.

Feasibility Research and Planning

Early stages of a typical project timeline include the team consulting with city planners, architects, engineers, and consultants to ascertain how changing zoning requirements, codes, costs, construction methods, and materials affect the project before owner committing to a plan.  These tasks include:

  • Building-code research
  • Zoning conformance
  • Due diligence
  • Site evaluation and planning
  • Preliminary design
  • Initial cost projections

Project Management

When the projects reaches the construction phase, Carden’s project managers work hard to ensure that every step of the timeline and all construction tasks are kept moving forward on time and within budget by managing:

  • Bid evaluations
  • Subcontractor negotiations
  • Contracts
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Construction supervision
  • Regular and timely client meetings to measure progress and cost compared to budget
  • Post-construction follow-up