St Paul Community Church

Nashville, Tennessee

St Paul Methodist Church

Once barely visible from Hillsboro Road, St. Paul Community Church underwent an extensive renovation that opened Nashville’s eyes. The striking white church became a landmark – and won a Metro Beautification Award.

St. Paul Community Church is a growing congregation with a busy calendar. Carden Company helped them expand and update their space, renovating the church, adding classrooms and expanding parking.

“The whole thing was a challenge,” said Architect Roy Gilleland of Gilleland & Associates. “We were remodeling an old building. We were adding on to an old building. We were tying on to the school, and the school was a separate entity from the church.”

With more of the site under roof and paved, handling water runoff was another challenge – solved with an innovative concealed retention system that Carden is using successfully on other projects. The parking lot, made of porous concrete, sits on top of the retention area.

And, finally, there were the children to consider. Danny Wamble, a church member who was very involved in the project said, “It was extremely difficult for Carden Company to construct the project while school was in session, because of having to work around school traffic in the mornings and afternoons, as well as keeping the job site secure so the children would be safe.”

Carden Company took it all in stride. The project was completed on time and with beautiful results – and it won a Nashville Chamber of Commerce’s Metro Beautification Award.

“Carden’s attention to detail and people skills caused the project to go smoothly,” Danny Wamble said. “We would most definitely use Carden again as a contractor for this type of project.”

Download PDF of  St. Paul Church Renovation