St Paul Christian Academy Expansion

Nashville, Tennessee

St. Paul Christian Paul Christian Academy

Building Renovation and Clock Tower

Over many years and several construction phases, Carden Company has provided a series of new and renovated buildings for St. Paul Christian Academy. Space considerations were always an extra planning concern, especially since a portion of the construction would have to be during the school year. By the last phase, there was so little staging space left that the final classroom building had to be built in segments from one end to the other rather the whole thing from the ground up.

“I think the reason why Carden Company is such a great partner for us is that I have 400 children from age 4 to age 12 that I move on and off this campus every day. Carden Company was very good at working with us around those children – and if I ever had a concern, John Garrison (job superintendent) would immediately attend to that concern and make whatever change we needed to make sure the children were safe and taken care of.”

Head Master Ken Cheeseman

Academy Clock Tower

St. Paul Christian Academy desperately needed additional classroom/administration space, but two questions had to be answered before construction could begin.  First, where on such a limited site could the needed space be cost effectively built?  Second, how could the required construction and the open and operating Academy co-exist?  To answer these questions, Carden Company  worked closely with the Academy and Architect from the very beginning of the project.  With a great deal of joint planning, construction started in January and was successfully completed in time for school the following August.

Fine Arts Building, Gymnasium, and Track

St. Paul Christian Academy has completed several renovation and expansion projects over the years with the help of Carden Company, so when it came time to do their largest, most challenging, and possibly final facility expansion project, they again turned to Carden Company.  With this project maximizing the campuses constructible area, one can only imagine the obstacles.  Carden Company partnered with the design team to develop and implement a plan that provided for the school’s requirements, managed the multiple constructability concerns and maintained the schools budget all while still allowing the school to fully operate.

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