Nissan of Gallatin

Gallatin, Tennessee

Milan Investments, LLC

The tornado that destroyed Nissan of Gallatin needed only a few minutes to put the dealership out of commission. Unfortunately, getting back to business moved at quite a different pace. After a year of complex deliberations, the owners were ready for a rebuild that combined quality with speed.

The damage from the tornado left Nissan of Gallatin with a lot of issues to sort out before they could rebuild their dealership. Insurance claims and settlements, of course, needed thorough attention. Then the design of the new dealership required special thought: having to start from scratch provided an unexpected opportunity to consider improvements to their facility. And finally, there was pressure from their manufacturer to get back to selling cars.

So when the dealership came to Carden Company with their final plan for the rebuild, the owners asked that it be completed in just six months.

One of the ways Carden Company was able to meet such a tight schedule was by contracting with Butler Manufacturing for a pre-engineered structure, specifically designed to meet the dealership’s special requirements for their showrooms and service bays.

Up-front planning helped prevent time-consuming and costly adjustments on-site. As Architect Wayne Oakley of Whitehead+Oakley+Dunlap+Bumpas, LLC, explained, “We worked everything out beforehand with Butler, really. We gave Butler the layout, and then we met with them and worked through it ahead of con­struction, so we could meet the fast pace.”

Another asset for keeping the project on pace was the Carden construction team. Owner Roger Bell spoke especially highly of the project supervisor, “I was well pleased with the gentleman they had as foreman – he was dedicated. Yes, I would rate him a 10.”

In fact, when asked if he would recommend Carden Company to others planning a project like his, Mr. Bell remarked, “I’ve already recommended them – that’s how they got the job for Nissan downtown!”

“We worked everything out beforehand with Butler [Manufacturing]. We gave Butler the layout and then we met with them and worked everything out ahead of time, because it was such a fast pace.”

– Wayne Oakley,Architect

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