My Second Home Pet Resort

Franklin, Tennessee

My Second Home Pet Resort, LLC

Quality is our niche. That’s the common denominator – in every other respect our projects are all over the map. My Second Home Pet Resort wanted to be the quality leader in its category, a “pet hotel” with a look – and a scent – that were five star.

At Carden Company, we love clients who want to be best of class. And who offer us some challenges.

My-Second-Home-InteriorMy Second Home Pet Resort in Franklin is an unusual place. Pets stay in “suites.” The high-end “villas” look out onto an indoor garden. The lobby looks like it’s part of a hotel, with its dramatic counter, po-mo columns, cushy club chairs at one side and high-end gift shop at the other. And like any great resort, it has a salon to pamper its guests.

The (human) customers are effusive in their praises of My Second Home. Fif­ty-one testimonials have been posted on the web-site. “Can you say spoiled?” wrote the ‘parent’ of one of the resort’s guests. “The resort is beautiful. My dog really didn’t care that we came back to get him!” wrote another. And another: “I’ll drive the extra distance for my babies to be pampered and spoiled when I am out of town.”

Not one of the testimonials refers to My Second Home as a “kennel.”

My Second Home’s owner, Dan Starko, said, “There were a lot of special consid­erations in building this building.” As striking as the place looks, what’s really impressive is how it smells. Or doesn’t. “The big challenge was designing and building the specialty plumbing and the ventilation system,” Dan said.

The owner, the architect and Carden Company were all creating something that hadn’t been done before, so there were a few more change orders than usual. “I know we created some extra stress for Carden, but overall, they handled it quite well,” said Dan Starko. “They were very responsive. I was really very, very pleased with the overall project management, the site folks and their choice of contractors.”

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