Motlow College Rutherford County

Smyrna, Tennessee

Tennessee Board of Regents

The Tennessee Board of Regents wanted to build a new facility to house a teaching center in Smyrna as part of the Motlow State Community College system. Carden Company was awarded the job to construct a single, large classroom building to accommodate both the academic and administrative needs of the Rutherford County Teaching Center.

The chosen site offered some challenges. The original soil composition wasn’t usable, so a large quantity of structural soil had to be brought in to replace it. It was also a remote location, without a power source already in place. While the Board of Regents and power company negotiated how to solve the problem, construction proceeded – with on-site generators.

“That’s what I always hope for: having a contractor who gets in there and looks at the big picture and helps alert us to potential issues before they construct.” – Architect Dan Huitt


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