Hail and Cotton Offices

Springfield, Tennessee

Hail & Cotton, Inc.

Hail and Cotton had contracted with the Carden Company team for many construction projects: warehouse buildings, expansions, re-roofing. So when Hail and Cotton wanted to double their office space, they went to the builder they trusted.

When Hail and Cotton came to Carden Company for the expansion of their administrative space, the project was what the architect called “heavily sched­ule-driven.” They wanted the work completed during the slow part of their year – for the convenience of both their operations and the builders’.

But even in the “off-season,” they needed to keep the office functioning during the construction.

That required a two-step process. Architect Jeff Hall of The Hall Group de­scribed the building phases: “The client occupied the existing building while the new one was built beside it – we had to rearrange how they entered the building and everything.

Office Renovation Interior Boradroom“Then they moved into the new building, and the old one was completely gut­ted, down to the structure, then rebuilt so they could move back into that half as well.”

Hall was happy with both the results and the Carden team: “Let’s just keep working together – that’s my only suggestion,” he said. “It went great.”

The owners were equally satisfied. From dealing with construction in a working environment to making the old and new sections of the building come together seamlessly – inside and out, Hail and Cotton President Bill Anderson spoke of “just a sundry of challenges” to the project and how Carden Company “exceed­ed our expectations” in meeting them.

Asked if he’d recommend Carden Company to others contemplating a similar project, Anderson said, “Absolutely. I already have – on many occasions.” After years of building projects, capped by this challenging office expansion, An­derson says the working relationship with Carden Company is still “very, very good.”

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