Fifth Third Banking Centers

Franklin, Tennessee

Fifth Third Bank of Ohio

Fifth Third’s banking centers, though modified for a specific location, are generally very similar buildings – designed to be quick to build and easily recognizable. But despite the similarities, every new construction has its challenges ­– from weather and site problems to codes and zoning issues. Only with an experienced, responsive construction team is a rapid building schedule possible.

From Cool Springs to Metrocenter to Antioch, Fifth Third has trusted Carden Company for branches all over the Nashville area. With a tight building schedule, construction of these banking centers requires an organized and efficient contractor.

Chad Hall, Fifth Third’s current construction manager for the area’s branch buildings, described the pace for these projects, “It’s very normal for bank construction – the schedule is typically 90 days. In fact, Hickory Village, the most recent project, was really finished a little bit early. Now we still had some lingering stuff at the end – some code stuff we’re dealing with and final inspections, but Carden Company’s construc­tion was actually ahead of schedule.”

Dan Sherfy of Architects and Engineers, Inc., who was architect for the Spring Hill location, also commented that though the building schedule for that project was “ag­gressive for the time of year,” Carden Company “had done a good job meeting the schedule.”

Every new construction has its challenges – as the bank’s construction manager, Chad Hall noted, “I can’t say I’ve ever had a job that didn’t have surprises.” He provided some examples for Hickory Village, including difficulties getting power to the building and having to re-do landscaping after the city required some last-minute tree-removal.

And he commended Carden Company’s work in helping meet those challenges: “They have excellent management and they are good at estimating – and are small enough to be very responsive,” Hall said. “It was a great working relationship.”

Fifth Third’s former construction manager, Steve Bill, also commented on how the company met challenges and stayed on schedule: “When there were issues that arose, the superintendent alerted me to the situation, made me aware of the problem and presented potential solutions and impacts – then we were able to work out the details and solve the problem.”

Christina Heidel Karpynec of Moody, Nolan, Inc., architect for the Metrocenter branch, agreed, “I’d much rather work with them than some other contractors. They seem to be organized and well-staffed. I think they’re doing great.”

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