Amercian Family Care

Clarksville, Tennessee

DBI Properties, LLC

For their Urgent Care Center in Clarksville, American Family Care went looking for a dependable local general contractor that could provide a high-quality building on their schedule and budget. They were also hoping to find a contractor they could rely on for further expansion in the area.

Carden Company was an excellent fit for the job. As a regional contractor, we brought all the advantages of local knowledge:  from years of experience working with area subcontractors, to intimate knowledge of area building codes and soil conditions.

In addition, Carden has extensive expertise in just this kind of project. We have worked with a number of national and regional corporations in adapting their basic corporate design to the local environment (see other “Success Is in the Details” projects for Fifth Third Bank and Walgreens). We also understand how to organize a build on the strict schedule and budget these projects normally entail.


That kind of expertise and experience produces perhaps the greatest Carden advantage  on this kind of job:  effective project management that requires minimal oversight from the corporate offices in another state!

Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
In commercial construction, the last thing you want is drama and Carden Company was able to keep it to a minimum. William Talley of American Family Care summed up their experience, “Everything was pretty normal . . . It went really well, very smoothly. I’m very happy with everything they did.”

And satisfaction has produced rewards – Carden Company was chosen to manage the construction of AFC’s next health clinic in Spring Hill. As Brian Roberson, project architect with bDot Architecture noted, “[AFC] chose to use them again. There have been numerous contractors that they have chosen not to do that with.”

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